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In Imo-Portugal you can find all the licensed Estate Agents in Portugal, Madeira and Azores as well as their listed properties for sale, rent (live-in or holidays) or lease. This directory was created with the objective to divulge the available properties of the Real Estate Agents. Imo-Portugal has a vast variety of property offering: villas, houses, luxury estates, apartments, shops, buildings, offices, warehouses, farms, garages, ruins, urban land, developments, off-plan, bars, restaurants and hotels.

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Here we highlight some properties listed in the site that we think as excellent business opportunities either by their characteristics, quality, price or location.
Sell - Apartment - T2  Show complete property profile / Visit request: Sell - Apartment - T2
Lisboa - Sintra - Queluz -
Area: 95 m² Price: 86.900 € Energetic Certification: C 
 Show complete property profile / Visit request
Sell - House - > T4  Show complete property profile / Visit request: Sell - House - > T4
Lisboa - Sintra - Colares -
Area: 640 m² Plot area: 7920 m² Price: 800.000 € Energetic Certification: E 
Built Year: 1938    
 Show complete property profile / Visit request
Sell - Urban Land - Não Definido  Show complete property profile / Visit request: Sell - Urban Land - Não Definido
Faro (Algarve) - Portimão - Portimão -
Area: 205 m² Plot area: 558 m² Price: 125.000 € Energetic Certification: Isento 
 Show complete property profile / Visit request

Company:  ALEMONTES - Soc. Mediação Imobiliaria, Lda. - AMI 5724 Website
Address:  Rua Dr. Jose Pereira Barradas, 8 A, 7570-281 Grândola  Complete profile
Tlf.:  269 448 165 Fax:  269 448 166 Mobile:  964 515 249  Show properties
Email: Web: AWP
Company:  IMOBILIÁRIA MIRANDELENSE - Soc. Mediação Imobiliaria Unip. Lda. - AMI 6177 Website
Address:  Rua da Republica, 117, 5370-347 Mirandela  Complete profile
Tlf.:  278 263 396 Fax:  278 263 396 Mobile:  938 255 582  Show properties
Email: Web: RKP
Company:  NELSON SARO - Mediação Imobiliária Unip., Lda. - AMI 8309 Website
Address:  Av. Fernão de Magalhães, 3548 - 1º - Loja 11, 4350-163 Porto  Complete profile
Tlf.:  225 480 353 Fax:  225 480 353 Mobile:  937 048 643  Show properties
Email: Web: KP
Company:  Paulo Sérgio – Propriedades, SMI, Unipessoal, Lda - AMI 824 Website
Address:  Rua 5 de Outubro, 3356 - 1º - Sala 1, 4430-800 Avintes  Complete profile
Tlf.:  227 830 042 Fax:  227 838 680 Mobile:    Show properties
Email: Web:   A
Company:  CASAS RURAIS - Termos e Definições - Med. Imobiliaria, Unip, Lda - AMI 9847 Website
Address:  Rua 31 de Janeiro, 30 A, 2500-118 Caldas da Rainha  Complete profile
Tlf.:  262 086 841 Fax:  262 184 117 Mobile:  917 055 548  Show properties
Email: Web: GKP
Company:  ALFALUX IMOBILIARIA, LDA - AMI 11744 Website
Address:  Rua Ary dos Santos, 9 C, 2720-053 Reboleira  Complete profile
Tlf.:  214 952 427 Fax:  214 952 427 Mobile:  962 252 125  Show properties
Email: Web: GKP
Company:  IMOINOVA - Motes & Exemplos - Mediação Imobiliária Lda - AMI 9185 Website
Address:  Rua da Sofia, 149 e 149-A, Edificio Sofia - Loja 28, 3000-390 Coimbra  Complete profile
Tlf.:  239 091 101 Fax:  239 091 101 Mobile:  914 349 114  Show properties
Email: Web: GKP
Company:  Alfredo Germano - Mediação Imobiliaria Unip. Lda - AMI 3710 Website
Address:  Largo do Cardal, 46, 5370-274 Mirandela  Complete profile
Tlf.:  278 261 217 Fax:  278 261 217 Mobile:  919 395 527  Show properties
Email: Web: GKP
Company:  Real Compete - Mediação e Serviços, Lda - AMI 9805 Website
Address:  Rua Cidade de Aveiro, 12, 2855-117 Corroios  Complete profile
Tlf.:  212 533 818 Fax:   Mobile:  967 565 599  Show properties
Email: Web: RKP
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